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1st October 2020


Calls are now emerging for next year's (2021) public exams to be cancelled, and a properly moderated system of teacher assessment to be adopted instead. There's time to do it: but it won't happen while ministers wilfully dither and drag their feet. I predict another fiasco next year, only on Voice of the North.

You can also see all my education pieces for Tes on his author page on its website: click here.



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  • Written about 3 hours ago
    RT @Samfr: Last person to tie themselves in this many knots was Harry Houdini.
  • Written about 3 hours ago
    RT @PhysioCause: Always fun in clinic when colleagues observe a virtual appointment via webcam and witness a pigeon flying into the window…
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  • Written about 6 hours ago
    RT @tes: 'It’s hard teaching kids who are living in poverty – you have a constant gnawing inside you that you aren’t doing enough,' says th…
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    RT @schooltruth: Blimey this one just keeps digging. Methinks he protests too much.

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Dr Bernard Trafford has been writing widely and frequently for three decades, penning first song lyrics, then serious educational articles and books before moving into journalism. For several years he contributed a popular weekly opinion column to Newcastle's regional daily paper, The Journal, subsequently working with former Journal columnists to set up  the blog-site Voice of the North.  

See the box to the left for links to his latest online pieces, and Writing for further detail. 

Bernard's debut novel, Song for a Spy, is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. A sequel, Ballad of Betrayal, is in preparation.


A musician by training, he has never stopped writing, arranging, directing, singing and playing. His entry for the 2017 BBC Radio 3 Breakfast Programme's Carol Competition, a setting for SATB of the medieval text Sir Christëmas, was shortlisted by experts, declared winner by public vote and is published by Banks Music Publications. Recorded by the girls and men of Ely Cathedral Choir on the 2018 CD An Ely Christmas, it is called it "instantly-memorable", while a review in Cathedral Music Magazine described it as "a jolly and skilful unaccompanied essay in calypso style which succeeds in banishing the ghost of Mathias's familiar version."

As a performer Bernard loves to sing and, still more, to play the trumpet: orchestral, Baroque and traditional jazz. See Music



Bernard was a school principal in the private sector for some 28 years, heading three major schools and finally retiring in August 2018.  Involved for many years in education on a national scale, he is a former Chair of HMC, the organisation of UK and international British-style independent schools that includes most of the best in the world. He was part of a professional team of volunteers who successfully opened a Free School in the deprived west end of Newcastle in 2015: the West Newcastle Academy is now thriving in splendid purpose-built accommodation in Benwell. 

Bernard's PhD thesis linking democratic and participative leadership to school improvement won Birmingham University's 1996 George Cadbury Prize and led to advisory work with both the UK government and the Council of Europe. See Biography.




There's a considerable amount of material on the inner pages so, if you cannot immediately find some area of Bernard's work that you were expecting to see, please use the search facility, left.