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21st May 2019


My latest piece for Voice of the North draws parallels between the infamous 1692 Massacre of Glencoe and the 1919 Amritsar Massacre: both examples, perhaps, of the ease with which powerful occupying/ colonial forces lose sight of their moral compass.


Two pieces for Tes last week. First, yet another attempt to explain why Sats do nothing for children and why parents shouldn't be taken in by the bland repetitive guff issued about them by DfE. Second, my mildly flippant debunking of all the wacky revision tips you see all over the media. Keep it simple, and put the work in! Click here to find the text which will link you to the Tes webpages.

You can also see all my pieces for Tes on my author page on its website: click here.



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    RT @AlisoninNorfolk: So proud that @CWResounds was shortlisted @charitygovaward with so many amazing charities! Congratulations to everyone…
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    RT @SamuelMarcLowe: Can we skip to the part where the new PM realises that all of the constraints that exist now for May exist for them too.
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    RT @Ed_Dorrell: Theresa May is going to be clinging on as PM when I retire.
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    RT @LaylaMoran: “I’m in no doubt what I must do. I’ll vote Lib Dem, and urge any Tory Remainer to do the same: not because we’re suddenly L…
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    Maths/physics pay: deckchairs on Titanic. https://t.co/i7Nrc85awc

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Dr Bernard Trafford has been writing widely and frequently for three decades, penning first song lyrics, then serious educational articles and books before moving into journalism. For several years he contributed a popular weekly opinion column to Newcastle's regional daily paper, The Journal, subsequently working with former Journal columnists to set up  the blog-site Voice of the North.  

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A musician by training, he has never stopped writing, arranging, directing, singing and playing. His entry for the 2017 BBC Radio 3 Breakfast Programme's Carol Competition, a setting for SATB of the medieval text Sir Christëmas, was shortlisted by experts, declared winner by public vote and is published by Banks Music Publications. As a performer he loves to sing and, still more, to play the trumpet: orchestral, Baroque and traditional jazz. See Music



Bernard was a school principal in the private sector for some 28 years, heading three major schools and finally retiring in August 2018.  Involved for many years in education on a national scale, he is a former Chair of HMC, the organisation of UK and international British-style independent schools that includes most of the best in the world. He was part of a professional team of volunteers who successfully opened a Free School in the deprived west end of Newcastle in 2015: the West Newcastle Academy is now thriving in splendid purpose-built accommodation in Benwell. 

Bernard's PhD thesis linking democratic and participative leadership to school improvement won Birmingham University's 1996 George Cadbury Prize and led to advisory work with both the UK government and the Council of Europe. See Biography.




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