On World Book Day 1st March 2018

Bernard announced the publication of his first novel

Song for a Spy

a historical adventure story now available via Amazon for instant download or in paperback. 

Click here.

How does Lorenzo, until two days before a highly-trained choirboy, though already far from innocent of the world’s cruelty, find himself at the opening of the book helpless and facing excruciating torment at the hands of powerful and ruthless men?  The tale he recounts is set in thirteenth-century Bologna, against the backdrop of a power-struggle with neighbouring Modena amid the chaos of the Interregnum of the Holy Roman Empire. It leads him through kidnap, flight, political intrigue, seduction, torture and murder to the application of his skills as troubadour, scribe, eavesdropper, spy, willing but inexpert lover, unwilling but expert assassin. It reaches a bloody climax among Bologna’s corrupt potentates in their bizarre, rarefied world high in that city’s legendary medieval towers.

Bernard's Writing

Dr Bernard Trafford has been writing widely, generally and frequently for some two decades! For example, for around seven years he wrote a popular regular opinion column (on Thursdays) in Newcastle's regional daily paper, The Journal. In 2015 he worked with former Journal columnists to set up a new blog-site, Voice of the North

Bernard has long been keen on writing (and speaking) about education and related issues. He has written for the Tes for some years, nowadays contributing a weekly blog. He also writes blogs or advice-pieces for SecEd.

He is a "Leading Thinker" for the National Education Trust and writes occasional articles and comment for its website.

Bernard has long nursed a deep interest in the leadership of schools in the broadest sense, believing that the way in which students and staff alike are treated is indivisible from their intellectual, academic and pastoral development. He has always been a passionate advocate of democratic/ open/ consultative ways of running schools and is an authority on school/student councils and children's rights in education. He has advised the UK government Citizenship and Participation. He has also worked with the Council of Europe and, in 2007, co-authored with Swedish headteacher Elisabeth Bäckman a manual on the Democratic Governance of Schools for circulation among the 49 member states: it has been translated into 14 languages so far. Click on Serious writing on school leadership (left) for more details.

Nearly all the articles included on the pages listed left are Bernard's originals: they may have been edited in the published versions, to some of which hyperlinks are provided. They are included here in their original form to allow you to use the Search facility. So, if you really want to find out all Bernard's published thoughts about, for example, politicians (go on: you know you want to!), you can do so. (It's fair to say that Bernard has no idea whether he's consistent or not: life's too short to keep looking back!).

Though he has been writing music for as long as he can remember, 2012 saw the production of Bernard's first stage script. For his contemporary/political musical Flotsam, staged at the Royal Grammar School in June/July, he wrote not only the music and lyrics, but also the book. To read about two of his musicals that have been performed, click here or on the left. He is toying with another piece at present.

Bernard in a variety of guises: also with his daughters, Eleanor and Rachel