Bernard Trafford and Jazz

Bernard fell in love with jazz in 1973,  his last year at school. On arrival at Oxford University  he was determined to find a means of playing it, and he's been doing so on and off ever since. The enduring outlet for this passion has been for many years the group of close friends who, even now, get together (very occasionally) to play as the Catte Street Rhythm Wreckers: follow the link to the left for that long history.

Bernard loves to play trumpet: his chief inspirations are Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Charlie Shavers (if only... but a man can dream!). He likes to sing a bit, too.

Now mostly living in Oxford, he's found an amateur Big Band to play in (a long-held ambition), and is now playing lead trumpet in the Abingdon Swingtime Band.

His latest idea is now taking shape, ready to spring into action post-lockdown: a small cabaret-jazz line-up in the manner of the Charlie Shavers Quartet. To back his trumpet and (sometimes) vocal lead will be an outstanding pianist: and, providing a highly distinctive bass-line, a remarkable sousaphone player who will periodically shift to trombone in order to vary the texture.

Called Three's Company (3sCo - logo in development), Bernard and friends will mostly go out as a trio, expanding at need for bigger events or venues by adding drums and/or guest soloists (thus Three's Company: four's a crowd, because bands are always rude to drummers!). The group will play rip-roaring traditional jazz (Louis Hot Five, for example), sentimental tunes (think Ella classics),  the Blues, the odd novelty number... and whatever else people ask for - within reason!

Watch this space.