Lull@by: a lullaby for the 21st Century

When his granddaughter, Rowen, was born in February 2021, Bernard felt moved to write a lullaby for her mother (his daughter Rachel) to sing to her, either unaccompanied or with piano (clever Mum can sing and play at once).

For her Christening in June, Bernard rearranged the piece for SATB choir so that the family could sing it - and they did.

Click below to hear Lull@by. The text is below that.

Click here to hear Lull@by


For Rowen, born 4th February 2021


Sleep, my baby. Don’t be frightened:

         I will keep you safe and sound.

The world you join is one enlightened:

         Watchful science all around.


Mums no longer carry water,

         Grind the corn or bake the bread:

Dads once hunted, fished or fought:

         Now they shop online to keep us fed.


Sleep, my baby, weighed and measured,

Tracked while growing big and strong:

My heart suffused with love and pleasure,

I will lull you with my song.


Gaze upon a strange new world,

         As I hold you safely in my lap.

Watch me: while you’re wrapped and curled up,

         I’ll log your progress on an App.


Sleep, my baby: if you cry,

         I’ll know the moment your tears roll:

But still, what makes me run to dry your eyes

         Is the love that floods my soul.


Words and music by Bernard Trafford