Bernard's Christmas Carols

There's something about singing Christmas carols. If you're a member of the Trafford family or their circle of musical friends you tend to end up singing them around the kitchen table over Christmas - and then Bernard pulls out his latest effort, saying "Just try this one!

Bernard likes to take for the most part very well known old texts and add a new musical language to them. Some are tongue-in-cheek, slightly mischievous: others are more heartfelt. All are immediately attractive and catchy. There's just a selection on this page. Just click on the link (right).

Christmas 2017 saw a particular triumph for Bernard, when his setting of the medieval text Sir Christemas won the BBC Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition.  By clicking on the link on the BBC page you can hear it performed by the BBC Singers under David Hill: or click on the box to the right. The piece (for SATB) is  published by Banks Music Publishing: click here

Recorded by the girls and men of Ely Cathedral Choir on the 2018 CD An Ely Christmas, it is called it "instantly-memorable", while a review in Cathedral Music Magazine described it as "a jolly and skilful unaccompanied essay in calypso style which succeeds in banishing the ghost of Mathias's familiar version."